Terms and conditions

Recently we have encountered a number of issues around learners not attending booked training courses at CTC.  This has caused a number of problems with us running courses on reduced numbers and is especially frustrating when we have a waiting list of people wanting places on the course.  It also causes financial implications for us.  As a ‘not for profit’ organisation we work hard at maintaining the lowest possible charges for the training we offer. However, learners not turning up have meant that we must review our charging policy. Rather than penalise everyone by increasing prices to pay for non-attendees we will charge in the following way:

  • Non attendance will be charged at the full course cost

  • Cancellations two weeks or less before the course start date will be charged unless a substitution is made

  • Substitutions can be made at any time (much better than cancelling!) although we would ask that, where possible, you let us know before the start of the course so we can change the paperwork. Currently there is no additional administration charge for any changes.

    We hope you understand our reasons for introducing these measures and hope we can continue to work with you.  If you have any questions about charging, or any other issue, please contact us.