Person Centred Planning - level 3

This is an accredited course with OCNWM


Learners must have a reasonable understanding of the values, practice guidance and tools of PCP. They must also be currently working with service users to enable them to reflect on personal and organisational person centred work. 

Aims of course:

With knowledge and skills within supporting individuals with learning disabilities, the learner can study and evaluate their personal learning of PCP. This course looks within the framework of PCP Theorists and Valuing People: The Story so Far.

Learning Outcomes

The learner will have an understanding of:-

  • Theories and cultural issues
  • Relate care management to PCP
  • Wider concepts of PCP
  • Self-reflection on work achievements
  • Networking
  • Governments acts and working practices
  • Structural barriers and challenges.

Note - this course generally runs as a one day session at our premises. We can run the course in house for you at any suitable location - please contact us for further information. The course is also available as an awareness session ( i.e. no assessment folder), certificated by CTC with the price adjusted accordingly.